June 27, 2017



Travis Klavohn is a writer and speaker on many topics including business, healthcare, and politics. Here are a few.

Select Publications

  1. Lead Author, The Medical Cartel Is Keeping Health Care Costs High, Foundation for Economic Education, August 6th, 2017, Travis Klavohn, MBA and Laurie Williams, PhD
  2. Co-Author,  In Groundbreaking Decision, DC Court Orders IRS to Return Money to VictimsFoundation for Economic Education, July 3rd, 2017, Laurie Williams, PhD and Travis Klavohn, MBA
  3. Contributor, Chapter 6 (Benefiting from Obamacare), Legal Handbook for Financial Publication, 2016, Allen Buckley, J.D.LL.M., CPA
  4. Lead Author, Pharmacy and Consumer-Directed AccountsBenefits Quarterly, ISCEBS/IFEBP, Q3 2014, Travis Klavohn, MBA and Robert Kalman of Buck Consultants
  5. Lead Author and Researcher, 2014 BenefitWallet Member Survey Report, Xerox Corporation, 2014, Travis Klavohn, MBA and Lee Barson